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Will the needles hurt? Can I catch anything from them?

We use only sterile, disposable needles. The needles we use are very thin and patients don’t feel them being inserted most of the time. There are also needles available with a coated tip so they glide in more easily. Occasionally, and especially if the meridian is significantly out of balance, a person might feel a momentary "jolt" as the energy pathway opens up. This lasts less than a second and is more uncomfortable than painful. After the needles are inserted there is also sometimes a dull, aching feeling in the area. Again, this is experienced by some patients as uncomfortable, but not actually painful. This feeling is a sign that stagnant energy is being stimulated to move through the area of blockage and is considered among experienced patients of acupuncture to be a very positive feeling. This is one sign that the acupuncture is doing the work it is meant to do. At times, a person may experience a sharp pain in the area of a needle. This usually occurs when the needle is in a skin pore. Let the doctor know if this happens, and he will re-insert the needle. If for any reason you find acupuncture uncomfortable for you, we have non-needle techniques available.

How many visits will it take until I’m well?

This depends on several factors: How long you’ve had the condition you are being treated for, what stage it is at and how serious it has become, and what your body’s overall condition is. Another important consideration is what level of health you are seeking to obtain. When you are being treated with Chinese Medicine, your doctor is utilizing a holistic approach. This means that every factor that involves your health is taken into consideration. Sometimes it may appear that the healing process is taking a long time because another layer of the "onion" is uncovered and more symptoms of illness become apparent.

For example, if you went to a Western medical doctor to be treated for migraines, the doctor would probably give you some medication so you wouldn’t experience as much pain. Every time you felt a migraine coming on, you would take this medication. You would feel relief, but you would never actually heal the condition in your body that is causing the migraines.

When you are in treatment with a doctor of Chinese Medicine, the doctor may, for example, discover that you have a condition called candida (see our brochure, "The Hidden Epidemic" for an explanation.) This could be one factor in the cause of the migraines. After you have been treated for Candida, the doctor may discover that your immune system is weak and your organs of elimination and purification (e.g., kidneys, liver, spleen, etc.) need to be addressed. The doctor will then help you strengthen and nourish your organs and immune system.

The end result is that you now not only don’t get migraines anymore, but also your body is stronger than ever. Your energy level has gone up and you have a bounce in your step that hasn’t been there in a long time. So when people ask how long it will take to get well, we ask them, "How healthy do you want to get?" How many layers of the onion you want to go through is entirely up to you. If all you want to do is eliminate superficial symptoms, get temporary relief from pain, etc., then it will take fewer visits. Also, if your condition is mild or you haven’t been ill for long and there aren’t any underlying problems (the health issues are only 1 or 2 layers deep into the onion) then it will take fewer visits. If you have a condition that is longstanding or involves multiple systems and/or organs, you will need to keep in mind that healing with Eastern medicine will take longer than what you are used to using Western medicine. However, the healing will be a true healing of the cause — not simply the symptoms, and will be more pervasive and conclusive, reducing the possibility of relapse. In the long run you will be less likely to become ill as frequently as you once did, and if you do become ill the duration of the illness will be shorter. This type of treatment is more cost-effective and keeps you healthier overall.

I’m being treated by another doctor for a previously existing condition. Should I discontinue treatment with that doctor?

In general, no. However, this depends on several factors. Is the condition life threatening? Can it be treated using Chinese or homeopathic medicine? Do you have a preference for one type of treatment over another for a specific condition? If the treatment you are receiving is preventing you from experiencing painful or uncomfortable symptoms, how long would it take for the condition to clear up using Chinese Medicine, and in the interim do you find the symptoms from the condition unbearable? Ultimately, you will be responsible for the final decision regarding your health. However, if you have been advised by another doctor to take a prescribed medication or receive some other type of treatment, it is not our place to interfere with that treatment.

For ethical and sometimes legal reasons, most doctors do not want to contradict one another when it comes to a patient’s care. You will have to obtain information from both doctors and be responsible for the choice you ultimately make. If you choose, most allopathic treatments can be continued in tandem with your treatments here.

Be sure to talk to Doctor Katz about other treatments you may be receiving. Although most interactions can be avoided by taking each medication at a different time of the day, some of the prescription and over-the-counter medications you may be taking could interact unfavorably with certain herbal or other supplements you may be given by Doctor Katz. Be sure to tell the doctor about any medications or supplements — even aspirin — that you are already taking.

Can babies and children be treated with Chinese Medicine?

Yes, Doctor Katz sees patients of all ages. When acupuncture is warranted, he uses non-needle techniques for babies and young children. Children generally respond very quickly and favorably to treatment. Common childhood ailments such as chronic earaches/ear infections, frequent colds, allergies and digestive upsets, among others, are helped with treatment in our office.

What is homeopathic medicine and how does it work?

Homeopathic medicine was discovered over two hundred years ago, by a physician who found that a small amount of whatever caused an illness could actually cure it. The medicine is made by extracting a minute amount of a substance from a plant or other natural item, using a special process that potentizes the element. The end result is often not much more than the essence of the original material extracted. This means fewer side effects and more safety. It is subtle yet highly effective medicine. Homeopathic medicine is so safe to use that most of it is dispensed without a prescription and can even be given to infants.

Our goal is to provide you and your family with the best possible health care. Please feel free to discuss any health concerns or other questions you may have with the doctor.



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