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"Since I have been coming to Dr. Katz my allergies have disappeared and my overall health has improved dramatically. I have much more energy now and feel better than ever! Thank you Dr. Katz." ~K.M.

"Dr. Katz has made my life so much better in so many ways. I have been seeing him on and off for quite some time. He has helped me when traditional Western medicine just could not help. All the antibiotics and other medications they put me on just clouded my body and exacerbated every situation. With Dr. Katz I no longer have any symptoms of Epstein-Barr. I hardly ever get sick anymore and when I do, itís short-lived. My anxiety and depression have diminished significantly. Dr. Katz finds your problem and deals with it at the core so that it is truly cured and not masked by drugs or made worse. I am so grateful to Dr. Katz. I feel that everyone should treat their body so well. It will change your life. It changed mine. And Iím not the only one to notice Ė my friends and family notice too." ~V.L.

"Since Iíve been coming to see Dr. Katz, Iíve changed to a completely different person. He cured whatever Iíve had in my body (bacterial, viral, etc.). I really like the acupuncture. Iím lost without Dr. Katz. In an emergency heís number one. Heís a miracle worker." ~A.J.

"Dr. Katz has helped me get rid of at least a dozen allergies, including an allergy that was so severe it caused seizures. He also got rid of a case of Candida Iíd had for years in only 6 weeks. Any time I feel a bit "off" I see Dr. Katz for a tune-up and I havenít had a cold in years because of this." ~S.D.

"Since Iíve been getting treatments from Dr. Katz my energy level is better, my hair is thicker and I sleep better. My immune system is stronger too. Iím so happy with his care and with Chinese medicine and homeopathy that I have no need for any other doctors such as allergists, dermatologists or general practitioners. He has this great new skin lotion that cleared up my psoriasis and another new product I use for attention deficit disorder that is working wonders!" ~J.K.

"Since I started coming to Dr. Katz about 7 months ago, my daily pondering of what might be wrong with me has greatly subsided. Not only has my all-around health greatly improved, but so has my trusting of doctors. Dr. Katz has single-handedly turned my health around. It is an ongoing adventure, but an extremely worthwhile one. I know I am in good, capable and curing hands." ~R.G.

"When a friend from work referred me to Dr. Katz, my first thought was, ĎGreatÖanother doctor who doesnít know how to help me, over-charges me and makes my problem worse!í Boy was I relieved when, within one weekís time, the skin rash on my face from which I had suffered for years, cleared up!

Ready for a long-term holistic approach to deal with my remaining symptoms, which were less outwardly conspicuous but equally debilitating, I embarked on Dr. Katzís system for detoxifying my digestive tract, repairing my immune system, and ultimately changing the pH environment of my liver. In the years leading up to my treatment with Dr. Katz, I had learned a lot about nutrition, herbal supplements, and the negative effects of imbalanced chi. However, no one seemed to be able to offer me a practical and effective method for ridding me, once and for all, of these symptoms.

With Dr. Katz, I committed to a program for healing myself and equipped my body with the necessary tools to remain healthy, rather than quick-fix methods which never addressed the root problem. This approach, along with continued exercise and a sensible diet, has entitle me loads of energy, clear skin, healthy digestion, metabolism and elimination, not to mention an immune system to be envied! No more antibiotics! I thank God every day for connecting me to Dr. Katz, who validated my instincts and saved my self-esteem." ~J.T.


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